Hocus Pocus – Review

Considering how nostalgic the internet gets for this film this time of year I felt I needed to see what all the fuss was about. It’s possible I might have seen this when I was younger but I have no memory of seeing it so either way it gets a review.

It’s alright. It’s funny and I can see why people like it and it is amusing that a Disney movie has a bunch of lines of characters putting emphasis on the word virgin but I think without that nostalgia I’m just not as fond of it as most people. It’s just a fun and silly Halloween movie.


Of course the main appeal of the film is the three witches. Their performances are the source of most of the film’s comedy and lets face it they’re the only characters that you tend to see gif sets of on Tumblr. No one’s going to care about the boring human characters with the cliche romance subplot that doesn’t even go anywhere.


Two more movies left in this Halloween marathon now and amusingly I think this is the only one actually set at Halloween itself.


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