Goosebumps – Review

I honestly just added this film to the marathon because it popped into my head. I wasn’t really that into Goosebumps when I was younger, I remember watching some episodes of the show and I know we owned some of the books so it’s possible I might have read some but I don’t really have any attachment to the franchise, I barely even know that many of the creatures with Slappy being the only one in the film I remember.

It’s alright, about the level of quality I expected. The first 20 minutes or so are pretty boring but once the actual story starts and Jack Black joins the cast it becomes a lot more entertaining. The story itself is nothing new for action movies, especially ones with a high school setting but it’s decent enough and a huge improvement over the first 20 minutes of setup that dragged on longer than it needed.

Jack Black

Jack Black is the reason to even bother with this movie. His performances as R. L. Stine and Slappy are funny and make their characters stand out more than the teenage characters who at their best are just average.


Well it’s Halloween now and there’s one more film to watch. What do I have planned for the final film in this marathon? Well for this last film I’m actually going to the cinema…


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