Perfect Blue – Review

The plan to watch this specific film on Halloween was something I decided earlier this year after watching the Super Eyepatch Wolf video Why Perfect Blue is Terrifying. Then when I found out it was also going to be playing at my local Vue on Halloween to celebrate its 20th anniversary I knew that was how I was going to see it.

It’s really good. What’s especially impressive is how many different ways to interpret the story and meanings there are. This is a film centered around confusion and the audience is often just as confused as Mima is in each scene.


This confusion is portrayed perfectly by Satoshi Kon’s direction and the amazing animation from Madhouse. In the two films I’ve seen from Kon (the other being Paprika) one of the things I’ve been most impressed by are his scene transitions and uses of reflection.


Getting to see an anime classic for the first time on the big screen was a unique experience. I’ve also noticed that since I got Odeon Limitless the Vue has mostly become the place I go to watch anime movies. There are two more anime screenings happening later this month I’m considering going to, both for new movies. I also should get around to watching Satoshi Kon’s other two films soon.


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