Paddington 2 – Review

Every so often when watching films this year I’ll bump into a friend of mine who also has Odeon Limitless and does film reviews. The reason I bring this up in this review is this was the third time it’s happened where one of us has just finished watching the film the other is about to see. Also because what I’d say in my pre-review paragraph about my thoughts going into the film was already covered in my review of the first film.

Much like the first film this is a fun and charming film with a cast of talented and popular British actors. If you liked the first film you should enjoy this just as much. The comedy is just as funny as before


The returning cast all do a great job as expected with many of the newcomers easily fitting into Paddington’s world like they’d always been there. The stand out human performance this time is Hugh Grant as the film’s antagonist Phoenix Buchanan, especially in the scenes where he’s on his own talking to mannequins wearing costumes of characters Buchanan has played in the past.


And that’s pretty much all there is to say. Also as far as subplots about someone from the previous movie(s) being sent to prison go the one in this film is certainly better than the one in Despicable Me 3.


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