Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? – Review

Once again the Vue has become my place to watch anime movies. Considering how long it can take for anime films to come out on DVD it’s nice that these last few years I’ve been able to see some of them on the big screen the year they came out in Japan. Especially after 2014 where I had to delay my top 10 list because I knew I had to watch The Last first.

This film has a slow start but once it starts the What-If/Groundhog Day timeline changes that’s when I really started to enjoy it. A big part of what makes it work is the animation, with each change to the timeline something looks different in a way that I don’t think can work in live action. I’m aware this is a remake of a live action drama but from what I’ve read this specific detail is exclusive to this version. The music is another strength of the film with a great score, an insert song and the extremely catchy ending credits song Uchiagehanabi.


Another part of this film’s charm is the romance. The scenes focusing on the two leads getting closer as the story progresses are just cute and when the film is at its best. Unfortunately the rest of the cast are very bland, Norimichi’s friends are your typical cliche high school anime friend group and outside of their discussion of what fireworks look like from the side half their dialogue is just them being perverted.


If you like the look of this film from the trailer, music video and screenshots you’ll probably at least enjoy it for its animation, music and romance.


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