Justice League – Review

So the DCEU hasn’t exactly had the best track record in my opinion. Man of Steel was boring, Batman V Superman made me angry and while I didn’t dislike Suicide Squad it was a mess. Then Wonder Woman turned out to not only be good but honestly the best live action DC movie I’ve seen in general. They are always fun to review though.

This one is decent. It’s nowhere near as good as Wonder Woman and still has its fair share of problems but at least this time said problems don’t really bother me. Most are filmmaking problems which are understandable considering this film’s production. The music is fine but outside of a variation of Wonder Woman’s theme and a very faint nods to the original Batman and Superman themes nothing really stands out.


But the important thing to talk about with this film is the characters. Gal Gadot is still great as Wonder Woman and I like how her story arc is setting her up to be the leader of the team in possible sequels. I said in my BvS review that Ben Affleck deserves to play Batman in a better movie and this is that movie, which is good because considering he wants out of the DCEU this might be his last appearance. And since it’s not a spoiler that Superman is in this movie (he’s on the posters and the trailers make it really obvious he’s going to appear) I can talk about him too. This is the most like Superman than Superman has been in these films, it’s a retcon but one I’m completely fine with because it’s a huge improvement.


The new characters are enjoyable. Out of the three I like Aquaman the most, Jason Momoa is clearly having fun playing him. I still don’t like the designs for The Flash and Cyborg, I think they look like they’re wearing Michael Bay Transformers, but as characters they’re alright. The main issue with The Flash is that there’s a much better live action version of him with a much better costume and people are inevitably going to compare them. I still don’t think Cyborg works as a founding member of the Justice League, I prefer him earning a spot in the team after being a Teen Titan for a while. He does say Booyah at one point though.


As other reviewers have said Steppenwolf isn’t a good villain but I wouldn’t say he’s a bad one either. He’s a boss battle villain and the fights with him do look cool so he doesn’t really bother me. It is pretty clear that he’s only there because they felt it was too early for Darkseid but they wanted someone connected to him and knew no one was going to take a villain named Granny Goodness seriously.


Overall Justice League is fine. I’d need to rewatch the animated Justice League movies to be sure where I’d rank it amongst those but for now it’s not one of the better ones or one of the worse ones, it’ll probably be somewhere in the middle. As for the other DCEU movies;

Wonder Woman > Justice League > Suicide Squad > Man of Steel > Batman V Superman


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