The Problem with Apu – Review

So while looking for potential documentaries to watch this year this one stood out as it would occasionally be shared through geek culture sites like Nerdist. And of course every time it came up the comments section would be full of people making a huge fuss about how pointless they thought it was and making some counter argument despite not actually seeing the documentary to see if maybe that point was addressed in it, or even paying attention to some of these points being brought up in the trailer.

It’s an interesting documentary presented in an entertaining and amusing way. It does have some pacing problems and like many documentaries I’ve seen there are some interviews we only ever see two or three clips from. I also think it’s a shame they weren’t able to get an interview with Hank Azaria as it would have been a fitting ending but I completely understand that was out of their control.


But the core argument itself is a good point and I think the film does a good job explaining the issues Hari Kondabolu and some of the individuals he interviews have with Apu. Ultimately this documentary isn’t going to change anything, The Simpsons is going to keep airing until a voice actor for one of the Simpsons themselves dies and Apu will be there as long as Hank Azaria is in the cast. But it at least means that people will have to acknowledge these problems even if their reaction is “I don’t care but will still make a fuss about the fact that you care”.


While it’s not the best documentary I’ve seen this year it’s certainly one of the more interesting ones and I’m glad I saw it.


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