Lazer Team 2 – Review

Last year one of the first films I saw was a screening of Lazer Team and since I enjoyed it I decided to check out the sequel. Originally I was going to get a free trial of YouTube Red when the film came out and then look up other exclusive content before it ran out, then I found out despite coming out 2 years ago YouTube Red isn’t available in the UK so I just bought the film itself. Seriously though what is it with online streaming services with web original content having region locks?

It’s about the same quality as the original. The humour is still a mixed bag, some jokes are very funny while others drag on too long or just don’t work. If you liked the first movie and other RoosterTeeth content you’ll probably like it. It also does suffer from a common sequel problems of “yeah that thing we set up at the end of the first movie? Didn’t really work out” and “the couple broke up between movies”, though to be fair I didn’t really care about Zach and Mindy’s relationship and they at least kept Allie DeBerry in the movie.


Like before the cast are the main strength of the film. Nichole Bloom is a neat addition to the main cast as Maggie and plays off the Lazer Team members really well. Also having Ashley Jenkins as a newscaster was entertaining since The Know is one of the places I tend to get the news anyway.


Comparing it to other comedies from this year I’d rank it somewhere in the middle of Rough Night and Snatched. I liked it but overall it’s just an average comedy. I do wish it had songs though, the last film had two really catchy songs in the end credits one of which was sung by Barenaked Ladies while this film’s credits just have an instrumental track.


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