Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie – Review

Earlier this year Samurai Jack finally got an ending after so many years and now Hey Arnold! has gotten one too. While I watched Hey Arnold! when I was younger and liked it I’ll admit I wasn’t aware the show ended on a cliffhanger until this film was announced.

I liked it. Having finally watched The Journal before seeing this it’s clear how much of this film was always planned before it was cancelled. There are some plot points that yes are a bit cliche but were foreshadowed in that final episode so it’s not really a problem.


As well as resolving the show’s cliffhanger this film also wraps up the iconic Arnold and Helga subplot. When I saw the first movie I didn’t really care for the fact that after having “Helga confesses” as a selling point of the film both Arnold and Helga decide to just pretend it never happened at the end to preserve the status quo. Apparently if this movie does well there’s a chance Nick might do another season and if they do I’m glad that so much has changed in this movie that they can’t just go back to the way things used to be, things would move forward.


But even if they don’t make another season this is a nice ending. It’s not without its faults (including some really obvious CGI that doesn’t look bad but still sticks out because it looks nothing like the rest of the film) but none that really ruin the movie for me. As for any other potential endings to nostalgic shows I heard they’re making an Invader Zim movie, that’ll be pretty cool.


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