A Christmas Story – Review

I was originally going to watch this last year but didn’t get around to it. This is considered a Christmas classic in America and I remember the Nostalgia Critic calling it his #1 Christmas special and talking about how predictable an answer it was.

I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’m not American, maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up watching it but I just found the film to be mediocre. It’s not a bad movie but I wouldn’t call it good either, some jokes are funny while others really haven’t aged well.


The time period makes for a decent setting and one of the more interesting elements of the film is that the children get excited to listen to a radio show. But the problem is most of the positive things to say about the film are just moments or things in the background, the actual subplots that make up the movie are just average.


I guess a big part of why this film underwhelmed me is the idea of people ranking this above much better Christmas movies. I’ll be sure to look up a few more Christmas movies I’ve missed to watch this month but first I have another plan for the next two weeks. A rewatch marathon of all the canon Star Wars movies in chronological order leading up to The Last Jedi.


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