Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Review

So this review has had a bit of a delay. Figuring out exactly how to phrase this review was tricky, it’s such a huge release and a lot of the things I’d want to talk about I can’t without going into spoilers (and don’t worry this review will be spoiler free). Then there’s the fact I wanted to end this review with my ranking of the entire series but I can’t decide which I like more out of this and The Force Awakens and would need to rewatch it be sure. But I’d like to start watching some more films before Christmas so here’s the review.

It’s really good. A big part of why it’s so hard to decide which is better out of this and Force Awakens is just how good the story they tell together is. Also much like Force Awakens reading the really nitpicky complaints people have about it only makes it better.


One thing that fans are divided on is Luke. I thought he was great, not just the way his character and arc were written but Mark Hamill’s performance. You can really see how much he’s improved since the original trilogy thanks to years of voice acting, especially when you marathon the entire Star Wars saga.


If you liked Force Awakens you’ve probably either already seen it or don’t need me to convince you to see it but know that I still can’t decide which is better out of the two. In fact since I said I’d include my ranking for the entire series here’s two different versions of it


I’ll be sure to say if my rewatch next week and discussions with my friends on Thursday effect this ranking when I post my top 10 films of the year list, but I might delay that until I see Coco.


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