Ferdinand – Review

So I guess this is technically a Disney movie now (or should I say Disney moovie?), which is funny because there was a Disney short based on the same book released in 1838. In fact that’s the main reason I decided to pick this as the next trip to the cinema before my rewatch of The Last Jedi on Tuesday over the new Jumanji movie (which I do still plan to watch). None of the trailers really interested me but because Disney own Blue Sky now and I still have to wait until next month to see Coco I decided I should see one new animated Disney movie in the cinema before the year ends.

It’s better that I figured it would be. Sure for the most part it’s your average animated movie you tend to get a few of each year (complete with the obligatory dance scene) but it has enough of its own charm and good jokes to help it be more enjoyable. The cast are mostly fine but nothing special with the only standouts being Kate McKinnon and David Tennant who are both great as usual.


It actually gets dark at times, especially when highlighting the genuine animal cruelty in bull fighting, but weirdly that actually leads into the biggest weakness of the film. There are two scenes where characters are implied to be killed off and turned into meat but of course they turn out to be fine and get rescued. I do get why they did this and my issue isn’t that they didn’t kill these characters off, it’s the fact the scenes where you think they dead were handled really well and the reveal that they’re ok ruins those scenes. And I don’t think I need to worry about this being considered a spoiler because the trailers show clips of the escape which include these two characters.


But death cop outs aside I found this to be an enjoyable movie. Who knows what the future holds for Blue Sky now that Disney own them, probably more Ice Age sequels.


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