Spielberg – Review

Every year I try and watch at least a small amount of new documentaries, mostly so I can have a “best documentary” award that isn’t “the only documentary I saw that year” but because they can be very interesting. The other two I saw last year were enjoyable but just didn’t stand out the way Twinsters, For the Love of Spock or A Brony Tale did.

This one on the other hand did. I like when documentaries feel personal and make good use of the interviews and this does both. Rather than have a main voice over narrator the interviews do the narration with the main one being from Steven Spielberg himself. A lot of the documentary talks about how his personal life impacted a lot of the movies and hearing these details from not just Steven Spielberg but his family really makes this work better than if it was narrated by someone else.


Of course with the enjoyment I’ve had making these reviews and trying to see as many new films as I can each year a documentary detailing the behind the scenes of movies made by one of the most famous directors was obviously going to appeal to me. I also think it works really well if you match it up with the Cartoons101 3 part video series about his influence on animation, a topic briefly brought up in the documentary when it covers his work as a producer.


I’d say the biggest thing I thought about while watching this was that while I’ve seen a lot of his work I was reminded just how many of his most famous films I’ve never seen. I’m thinking of doing movie marathons themed around directors this year and this documentary made it clear one of those needs to be a Spielberg marathon. Maybe I’ll do that when Ready Player One comes out.


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