Coco – Review

This is one of the two films I delayed my top 10 for. Last year had a few decent animated movies but not that many I considered to be great, especially compared to 2016 where my top 4 movies were all animated. So when I found out the UK release of the new Pixar movie was delayed until the following year I was annoyed, especially after hearing the positive reaction it got in America.

Fortunately it was worth the wait. This is a beautiful film with great music and entertaining characters. Yes there are details of the plot that can be predictable but the presentation is still really good that it makes up for it. Also you have to give Pixar a lot of credit for making a cartoon with children as part of the target audience that doesn’t just feature death but is about death.

Pixar Coco

The land of the dead is depicted in a beautiful way that both captures the spirit and traditional visuals of Día de los Muertos but adds its own spin through the airport/train station inspired visuals. People frequently compare this to The Book of Life and honestly those comparisons actually make me appreciate both films even more as you can really see how different the two takes on the same setting are.


Of course being the animation fan that I am one of my favourite elements of the film was the animation. The skeletons are especially well animated and the opening features a charming telling of the Rivera family using decorations and 2D animation. Now the next film I delayed my list for comes out in February so maybe I should watch a couple of the Oscar bait movies that come out in January while I wait, I should also ask what 2017 films I missed are worth catching up on.


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