The Disaster Artist – Review

One of the reasons I finally got around to watching The Room last year was because this was coming out. If you don’t really want to watch The Room you don’t need to see it to understand this movie, in fact you can get a collection of the funniest moments by watching the Nostalgia Critic, Obscurus Lupa and I Hate Everything reviews.

I didn’t know that much about the behind the scenes of The Room outside of the details brought up in the reviews so these details were pretty interesting and the cast all do a good job portraying it. And of course being a movie about one of the most famous “so bad it’s good” films it’s very funny making similar jokes about The Room that you’d see in a review.


Of course the star of the movie is James Franco’s impression of Tommy Wiseau which is pretty spot on though in the side by side comparisons it is a little out of sync when recreating actual scenes from The Room. Tommy Wiseau isn’t exactly a hard voice to do but being able to make it work for an entire movie is pretty impressive.


Comparing this to other Based on a True Story movies that came out last year it’s better than Greatest Showman but not as good as Goodbye Christopher Robin. Now when are we getting a movie like this about Cool Cat Saves the Kids?


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