Batman: Gotham by Gaslight – Review

This might be the worst Batman movie ever made. I’m going to be discussing spoilers for this movie so if you just want my opinion I hated it, however in order to explain why I hated it I need to discuss character deaths and the identity of the killer.

First to be fair on the movie the voice cast do a decent job. The animation is what we’re used to with DC animation, it looks fine but much like The Killing Joke when you compare it to the art of the comic it’s a clear downgrade that takes away any sense of individuality. But the main issues come tied with the focus of being Batman vs Jack the Ripper.


Now fictional versions of Jack the Ripper are nothing new, in fact the comic this was based on is from 1989. However the way this version, which from what I’ve seen is nothing like the original comic, mixes him into the Batman cast is pretty messed up. In the first 6 minutes Poison Ivy is stabbed to death, she doesn’t have her powers and there is no reason for her to be Poison Ivy instead of a random person or one of the real victims of Jack the Ripper. It seems like they picked her as fan service but it’s her being brutally murdered by a real life serial killer.


And the identity of that real serial killer? Commissioner Gordon. This is one of the biggest insults to a Batman character I’ve ever seen. And this wasn’t the identity in the comic, that had an original character. Someone at DC’s animation team thought that making Commissioner Gordon a real serial killer that murders other Batman characters was a good idea. It goes against everything that makes Comissioner Gordon who he is in the comics, the guy who is often the one arguing against Batman going too far. Now yes some people will argue that makes it work as a twist but when the reveal happened rather than shock my reaction was “seriously?”


I hated Batman V Superman but most of my problems with that movie were tied to the way it handled Superman characters. It’s a worse movie as a whole but as a Batman movie specifically this is worse. It’s a shame after such a good year DC had in 2017 it’s gone downhill already and looking forward at the rest of the year the two films that have the best potential are a Teen Titans Go! movie and the next part of the DCEU.


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