Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Review

It’s funny how the poster and slogan for this movie bring up the maze even though it’s only really been a plot point for the first film (only appearing in a dream sequence in this one). I guess it’s so they can justify calling all of them Maze Runner but really it just calls attention to the fact there isn’t a maze in this one.

The quality is more or less the same as the other two, decent but nothing special. But overall I’d say this was certainly the most fun as being the finale there’s a lot more action sequences that just keep getting bigger as the film goes on. It’s just a fun action movie and I like fun action movies. Also good on Wes Ball for not splitting the last book into two parts like most YA adaptations did even though Deathly Hallows was the only one it made sense for.


The returning cast are all great. Some I already knew from other roles while others like Dylan O’Brien and Roza Salazar I’ve been introduced to through this series and will be looking forward to seeing in future movies. While I’ve had my issues with the series at times the characters themselves have always been entertaining.


So like with other film series I’ve reviewed it’s time to say how I rank them;

The Death Cure > The Maze Runner > The Scorch Trials

So what’s next? Well I do still have some more 2017 films to watch while I wait for The Shape of Water to come out.


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