Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – Review

So it turns out what was being setup was a zombie movie. That’s a bit disappointing as one of the strengths of the first film were how cool the Grievers looked, I’d hoped we’d either see them again or a similar creature that’s a bigger threat. Instead it’s zombies.

Judging it as a zombie movie it’s at least an enjoyable one once the disappointment of “oh, it’s just zombies” wears off. The focus is less on the zombies themselves and more on escaping the company behind the events of the first movie. The post apocalyptic city desert does look pretty cool, though considering the film’s use of the word scorch the sunlight never seemed to be an issue.


The new character with the most focus is Brenda who even gets to be on the posters for the next movie. She’s a decent character but I didn’t really care for the love triangle element they threw into a weird drug scene in a club owned by regular Disney voice actor Alan Tudyk. Yes, that’s a scene that happened. The weird thing is I though Teresa was supposed to be Thomas’ sister in the first film but now she’s his love interest?


I’ve seen better zombie movies (most being comedies) and I prefer the first film but this was alright. One more film to go now, this was a short marathon but I do have longer ones planned.


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