Get Out – Review

Because I’m not really a fan of horror I was reluctant to watch this even after I got the DVD at the same time as the first two Maze Runner movies. Usually with horror I tend to prefer when there’s something else about the movie that interests me like all the sci-fi and lore in the Alien/Predator franchise or Satoshi Kon’s directing with Perfect Blue. But with this film the most interesting things I’d heard were in the horror itself and I tend to avoid even highly recommended horror movies where the horror is the selling point.

With all that said this is a good film. A lot of what makes the film as creepy as it is comes from the cast’s performances, rewatching the trailer for this review it’s impressive how some clips seem like they could have come right out of a romantic comedy with it usually just being the delivery of one line each scene that starts to give them away. The best example of one of these performances is a spoiler but if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know who I mean.

Film Title: Get Out

Of course when talking about performances there’s the Oscar nominated one from the film’s lead Daniel Kaluuya. The strengths of his performance are more subtle being mostly Chris’ reactions to the other characters and the things that happen to him.


Between this and Perfect Blue it’s clear that when horror is the focus psychological horror is much better than horror centered around gore. They have an interesting story to tell even if you’re not into horror like me. But if you are a horror fan the film critics I follow who are into horror loved this movie so you’ll be able to get even more out of this film than me.


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