Lady Bird – Review

While my top 10 list has been posted I’ve not finished watching 2017 movies. There’s still a few Oscar nominees I might check out and some delayed UK releases, I just don’t expect any to effect the list itself.

It’s good, but I feel the Oscar nominations are going to make people expect it to be better than it is. It’s a decent coming of age story with a lot of funny lines and neat scenes but I wouldn’t call it a great film or one I see making a big impression. I think Mark Kermode made a good point in a recent video that it’s got a good chance of winning Best Pictured based on how split opinions on the films being listed as the favourites to win are.

The main strength of the film is the cast. There are some very tiresome cliches in the plot including a section of the film where Lady Bird spends more time with the cool kids, who it turns out aren’t worth hanging out with, and neglects her best friend. But even in those scenes they’re acted so well that they didn’t really bother me.

Honestly that’s about all I need to say about it. Also much like The Shape of Water I saw this at the Picture House so I wasn’t able to see 3 films at the Odeon in February, I’ll just have to make up for it by seeing more films this month.


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