Red Sparrow – Review

This was another film I was planning to watch earlier before the weather changed my plans. I can’t say I knew that much about it going in other than it was a spy movie starring Jennifer Lawrence that got a lot of advertising.

It’s alright. It’s tricky to say what I think of it since it is a very unpleasant film with a lot of very uncomfortable to watch scenes including multiple torture and rape scenes. This isn’t a brutal but fun movie like Atomic Blonde, it’s messed up and that really isn’t for me. As a result I can’t really tell if it’s a good movie or not.


The quality of the performances is… mixed. The accents aren’t cartoonish but it is an example of people doing “Russian accents” instead of accents from Russia. They also only ever speak English in the movie even when everyone present is Russian. That said the acting itself is still good, Jennifer Lawrence has several scenes where her skill as an actress shine through her generalized accent and Matthias Schoenaerts gives a very creepy performance as her uncle who looks a lot like Vladimir Putin.


Looking at other reviews it seems opinions are pretty mixed. People have things they like and things they don’t like and I’d say that’s the same for me. It’s not a movie I’d recommend but I didn’t dislike it either, it’s just not for me. Really it just makes me want to watch Spies Are Forever again.


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