A Wrinkle in Time – Review

So I’ll admit I wasn’t really sold on this film from the trailers. I didn’t think it looked bad but apparently people really liked those trailers and were excited for this film and I just didn’t have a reaction. But as far as movies that came out this month go it was a higher priority to see than Peter Rabbit (which is apparently really popular at my local Odeon).

It’s ok. It’s based on a pretty old book so a lot of these story details have been retold better in other media. In fact that’s probably the main issue with the film, it feels more like a template compared to things that were probably inspired by it. You can see attempts to modernize it but the dialogue is still weirdly old fashioned clashing with the modern day look of the main characters. The thing that stuck out in this respect for me was that Charles Wallace is always referred to as Charles Wallace making every time a character spoke to or about him sound really formal.


The main strength of this movie and why seeing it on the big screen was a nice experience was the scenery. The locations they visit in this movie look great and being a Disney film once again seeing beautiful scenery just makes me miss Disney Infinity more because I would love to see a sky dome of this movie in the toy box.


It’s an average film with a cast of talented actors (though there were some lines that could have been said better) but nothing special. Had a better time than I did with Pacific Rim: Uprising though, that film annoys me the more I think about it. I’ve managed to see enough films this month to make up for not seeing three films at the Odeon in February but I’ve still got one more film I’m planning to see before the month ends, and no it’s not Peter Rabbit.


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