Annihilation – Review

So when looking through Netflix Originals for new films I’ll often find many aren’t even Netflix Originals, just films Netflix owns the distribution rights to in the UK. Turns out everyone else has been having that experience with this film, though at least this time it’s actually from this year.

It’s an interesting film that can be both beautiful and disturbing as the characters encounter more mutations as they make their way through the Shimmer. It’s more of a thriller than a horror but it does use horror elements in several scenes and if you don’t like seeing gruesome deaths you’ll probably want to avoid this film.


The designs of the mutations themselves are especially impressive. They start off subtle but get more and more drastic as the film progresses. It really looks like an alien world mixed with a fantasy world with a bit of post-apocalypse horror thrown in. The music also really helps give the place this really unsettling yet fascinating feel.


It’s a movie designed to make you think about things including its ending and the nature of the Shimmer. If that sounds like your kind of movie I think you’ll enjoy this. While many people are saying it’s a shame this got a Netflix release outside of the US I actually think it’s a shame this technically isn’t a Netflix Original because Netflix really needs more movies that get the same amount of positive attention as their shows.


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