Irreplaceable You – Review

Decided I’m going to try catching up on some of this year’s movies this week. Went with this one first because of the cast and the last Netflix movie I watched technically wasn’t a Netflix Original.

It’s alright. The problem with the movie for me is that I wasn’t really invested in the main story. There are several good moments but they’re all when the film shifts the focus away from Abbie  planning her finance’s love life after she dies and instead focuses on other parts of her life, her cancer and the people she interacts with.


My main reason for watching this was the cast and in that area the film didn’t disappoint. Christopher Walken is the best part of the movie and there’s a great moment with Kate McKinnon’s character. I also think Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman play off each other really well as the main couple.


If you just want to watch a movie on Netflix it’s fine but not one of their better films. And honestly as far as bitter sweet romance movies involving cancer go you’re better off just watching The Fault in Our Stars. I’ve got a few more Netflix movies lined up but I think for today’s film I’m going to pop to the cinema.


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