Happy Anniversary – Review

Netflix actually helped make picking which of their films to watch next easier by having the banner ad be for this movie. Good to see that banner doing what it’s supposed to do for once.

So far this is the best Netflix Original movie of the year. A lot of romantic comedies involve a couple breaking up over something and then thinking back on their relationship but this movie makes that setup feel new by making it the entire movie instead of something that happens in the third act. I’m sure other movies have done something like this but it’s still a nice change of pace.


Of course being a romantic comedy an important element is going to be the leads and Noël Wells and Ben Schwartz are both great in this, especially in the scenes where we see them as a happy couple. They both need to be in more things.


Short review but I do recommend seeing this if you have Netflix, especially if you like either of the leads in other things. I’m probably going to watch a couple more Netflix movies before the end of the week, maybe I’ll let Netflix decide for me again.


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