Rampage – Review

Before April ended I went to see this as my third Odeon film of the month, but didn’t really feel the need to write my review right away. Now with the final instalment of Digimon Adventure Tri about to come out I should write this review before watching another film.

It’s pretty much what is being advertised. Do you want to see giant monsters fight while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says a bunch of one liners? That’s what you get. I’ve seen other reviewers call this the best video game movie and no it’s not, maybe it’s the best live action one but there are 20 Pokémon movies with a 21st around the corner and I doubt these reviewers have seen more than one (and the one with a lot of bad dub changes too).


It is cool that they have Dwayne Johnson’s character communicate with George through sign language. This is a silly monster movie based on a video game I’ve never played but it’s a neat attention to detail, including the way he talks while signing.


And that’s about all there is to say. It’s an enjoyable movie with some cool designs (especially the crocodile) and funny jokes but not really worth going to the cinema for if you don’t have a cinema membership like Limitless. But if it shows up on TV or Netflix and you like the look of it give it a look.


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