Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no Mirai – Review

And so Digimon Adventure tri is over. I’ve had mixed opinions on the series but my main criticism has mainly been tied to the release schedule rather than the series itself, I don’t think it should have been released as both a TV and movie series.

As for my opinion on this movie/these episodes specifically I enjoyed it/them. It had its weak points including the fact that while we finally found out where the 02 characters were we still only ever say them in silhouette and because of the format Metalgarurumon never got an evolution sequence to itself making it the only Mega level Digimon in the series not to get one (even though it was animated and can be seen in the group evolution sequences) but overall I think the story ended well.


It also left things open for a follow up story and considering a new Digimon project has been announced that’s probably what’s coming up next. Also since Meichi is clearly canon hopefully it includes more cute scenes of Tai and Meiko because while the scenes we got were cute (especially the phone call) we didn’t have enough of them and the Tai/Sora/Matt love triangle teasing in Confession wasn’t fair on anyone.


I won’t rank the films until I finally get around to watching the rest of the old movies and to do that I need to get back to watching Tamers in Japanese. I’d also like to revisit tri in a marathon at some point so I can experience the story in a shorter span of time, maybe I’ll check out the dub too.


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