Deadpool 2 – Review

I keep delaying writing these reviews for some reason, I saw this a week ago now. I could say I did it because I got to talk about the movie with friends and watch other reviews to get a better idea about what I want to say about it but the truth is I just keep forgetting.

I had a lot of fun with this one. If you enjoyed the first movie chances are you’re going to like this one too. Something I have gathered from conversations and reviews that your expectations can impact your enjoyment, I know some people who enjoyed it but were maybe a little too excited going in and it wasn’t able to live up to that hype. I went in expecting a fun Deadpool movie that stays true to the way he was portrayed last time and that’s what I got.


This is very much a movie for comic fans. There’s of course your MCU and DCEU jokes (with a particular Age of Ultron reference being one of my favourites) but then you also have one about Rob Liefeld not being able to draw feet and a nod to Deadpool’s X-Force costume that I wasn’t expecting but were really neat.


As far as characters go Ryan Reynolds continues to be perfect casting, Negasonic and Colossus are back enough to appeal to fans of the first movie but don’t take attention away from new characters, Negasonic and Yukio are a cute couple, Zazie Beetz is great as Domino and 2018 continues to be a good year for Josh Brolin. Oh and this includes one of the best credit scenes in a movie to date that the audience at my screening applauded, something that I’ve never seen happen at a cinema (figured that was more of an American thing).


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