Solo: A Star Wars Story – Review

Out of the new Star Wars movies this is certainly the one that has had the least hype leading up to it but just as much discussion regardless due to the production. I can’t say I was ever excited about seeing it but I was always interested.

I liked it. It’s not great but it didn’t need to be, it’s a movie about Han Solo so the only thing I really wanted it to be was fun and it was. It’s not without its flaws including a lot of scenes where the lighting is a little too dark and it did feel like they were trying to fit a little too many elements of Solo’s past into one movie so he meets Chewie, meets Lando, sees/rides/flies the Millennium Falcon, does the Kessel Run, wins the Falcon AND does his first job for Jabba the Hutt in the span of a few days.


The main strength of the movie is the cast, especially getting to see new takes on Han and Lando. As expected Donald Glover is fantastic as Lando Calrissian finding the right balance of Billy Dee Williams impression and his own spin on the character. Alden Ehrenreich is also pretty good as Solo himself, he’s playing the character differently from Harrison Ford  (which I expect why it was so hard for the trailers to sell him to people) but it fits where Solo is at this point in his life and as the film gets closer to the end he starts acting more like the Han Solo we know.


If you’re unsure about this film or don’t go to the cinema that often maybe wait for it to come out on DVD/TV/Netflix, it’s not something you need to see on the big screen but it is worth at least having a look at if you’re a Star Wars fan. Anyway now to ruin the layout of my Star Wars ranking image…


Now the poor little Clone Wars pilot movie is on its own at the bottom. I do hope we get another animated Star Wars movie at some point, one that isn’t a pilot episode to a TV series, as an animation fan it’s a shame the only animated Star Wars movie is also the worst one.


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