Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – Review

While this is considered a remake it seems more like a reboot as other than the character of Danny Ocean and the fact they’re robbing casinos in Las Vegas these are two very different movies with completely different characters and motivations. Even the number of casinos they’re robbing and the name of Danny Ocean’s wife are different.

In my review for the original I mentioned that it clearly was made before a lot of heist movie tropes were a thing, this one is full of them. It also does update the heist to account for stronger security.

An improvement this has over the original is how it uses the cast. More of the 11 stand out as characters while in the original it was really just the main ones.

While there are some improvements over the original I’m not sure which I think is better. The heist was better in the original along with the ending but the remake does a better job handling such a large cast. Both are pretty average though.


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