Ocean’s Twelve – Review

I knew pretty much nothing about these movies other than some of the actors and that one of the films was commonly criticised for having a part where Julia Roberts’ character is told she looks like Julia Roberts. Turns out the one people didn’t like is this one, which is weird because so far it’s the best one.

It has all the strengths of the previous film but because it’s a different heist it doesn’t have elements that feel like a downgrade from the original. This also makes ranking the other two a little easier. Yes the Julia Roberts as Tess as Julia Roberts thing is silly but honestly it’s much funnier than its infamy made it out to be.


I’m also impressed they got all 11 members of the team from the previous movie back, I assumed they’d probably have some cuts and swap them out for new members as well as adding a 12th. I also think Danny and Tess Ocean’s relationship is better this time around and much better than Danny and Beatrice Ocean’s in the original.


Two more movies to go and the next one wraps up the Ocean’s trilogy. No idea what to expect from this next one, I have a guess about who the 13th member is based on the ending of this one but I could easily be wrong. I’m curious if it will feel like an actual ending for this team or just the last film they made about them.


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