Ocean’s 8 – Review

And now we get to the film that inspired me to do this marathon. I’m glad I did because while I was interested in this movie anyway seeing where it comes from and recognizing callbacks to the older films means I was able to appreciate it more.

I think this is the best one. I think it’s the right balance of the Sinatra and Clooney films while also throwing in its own spin. I especially like how this actually has a third act dealing with the aftermath of the heist like the original, something the trilogy never did for some reason.


I think the smaller cast was a smart move too. All 8 get a pretty decent amount of screen time and scenes where they get to stand out. There’s even a couple of neat cameos from characters from the previous three films.


If they end up making an Ocean’s 9 I’d be interested in seeing more from these characters, maybe bring back Julia Roberts as Tess and have Rihanna sing a cover of Eee O Eleven or one of the other songs from the original. But for now here’s my rankings for the whole series, in image form too since I like the layout more and am going to use it for all future franchise rankings



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