Ibiza – Review

I figured I would try watching another Netflix Original movie this week and this one stood out since it has Gillian Jacobs from Community in it. I tried watching this on Monday but half an hour in I just couldn’t get into it, but last night I made sure to finish it because I’ve got two more movies to see in the cinema before the end of the month. Did it pick up after they actually get to Ibiza?

Not really. There are some short scenes that work and the cast work really well together but most of the scenes feel really stretched out. When I gave up watching it on Monday I was just getting bored of the extended party sequence that didn’t really impact the plot much (if at all) and they still hadn’t even mentioned Ibiza at that point.

Aleksandar Letic

Then when they finally do get to Ibiza the film is pretty much their trip to the party and then another long party sequence. Honestly I don’t get why this movie is even called Ibiza because they don’t really do much in Ibiza and more plot development happens during the earlier scenes in Barcelona and the scenes that take place after leaving Ibiza.


It’s probably not the worst Netflix movie of the year but it’s the weakest of the ones I’ve seen so far. If you’re looking for a 2018 Netflix Original movie to watch go with Happy Anniversary (and if it counts Annihilation).


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