Die Another Day – Review

For the other multiple movie Bonds in this marathon the movies I went with were back to back (the only option in Dalton’s case) this time I jumped from Brosnan’s first movie to his last, mainly because the selling point for me with this movie was that it was one of the more ridiculous ones.

And ridiculous it was. There’s no doubt about it this is a very dumb movie but it’s a fun kind of dumb, an early 2000s kind of dumb. But that’s not to say there aren’t some genuinely good parts too. I think Halle Berry’s Jynx is one of the better fellow agent Bond Girls, John Cleese is great as the new Q of course the usual action scenes and one liners.


My main criticism would be the main villain Colonel Moon/Gustav Graves. Having a character who is Korean at the start of the film played by a white actor for the rest of it is an issue for a number of reasons but even ignoring them Will Yun Lee just plays the character better than Toby Stephens. It would have been better if instead of using surgery to make himself white he just wore a Mission Impossible style mask so Lee could play him for the rest of the movie once the twist was revealed.


As for my thoughts on Pierce Brosnan’s Bond I think it’s a natural evolution of the character and while this movie doesn’t explore the character as much as GoldenEye you can still see how he’s changed over the years both in the way he’s written and how his experiences have effected him. Before I rank the Bonds though there’s just one more movie to see… for this marathon anyway.


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