Booksmart – Review

I missed seeing this as a Screen Unseen movie last month and since then I’ve heard good things about it from a fair amount of people including one of my cousins in a conversation yesterday which is why I went to see it today.

It’s really funny and without a doubt the best comedy movie of the year so far. A few people have compared it to Superbad which it does have some plot similarities too but while I liked Superbad I think this is a much better movie. It also has a lot of heart and knows when to pause the comedy so a serious scene can have the impact it needs.


There’s a lot of great performances but of course the stand outs are Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever as Molly and Amy. The two of them spent several weeks as roomates developing a real friendship for the movie and it really shows in their performances. It’s also nice to have a high school storyline for a gay main character that isn’t a coming out story.


This movie was a lot of fun and I do recommend seeing it if it’s showing in your local cinema. Also while comedy is of course very subjective the various movie critics I follow that have reviewed it all have positive opinions on the movie too and a 97% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes so this is a recommendation I can feel comfortable making without an “it’s not for everyone” disclaimer.


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