Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Review

This was another film I chose not to see in the cinema. This series hasn’t been any good since the second one nothing about this film seemed to be doing anything new. But I figured now it’s had its home release I figured I might as well watch it.

And as expected it’s not good. Once again the entire pirate world revolves around Jack Sparrow and the villains are just an amalgamation of the villains from the original trilogy. The two new leads are alright but because they have to share their main character status with Jack Sparrow they don’t get fleshed out enough as characters.


Speaking of Jack Sparrow the character has just become boring. He worked better when he was just this silly pirate who turned out to be smarter than he seemed. Now he’s just the most important person in the world and even Depp’s performance seems more like he’s doing an impression of Jack Sparrow, and it’s not a good one. There’s also this flashback sequence with a CGI young version of him that looks weird. And of course it’s just uncomfortable seeing Johnny Depp in anything after the abuse allegations.


I feel like this could have been a much better movie if they shifted the focus away from Jack Sparrow and allowed the new characters more time to shine. And since they’d still want to have a familiar face on the posters they could have expanded Barbossa’s role. I’d much rather watch a PotC movie about him than another one about how important Jack Sparrow is.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie – Review

I never really got into the LEGO Ninjago series. I did check out the first couple of episodes before getting the LEGO Dimensions figures but I just ended getting the Team Pack because it had the best figure designs and to access the Adventure World. However I was interested in this movie from the first trailer, especially knowing it was from the same team as the other LEGO movies and wasn’t connected to the show.

And much like those movies this was a lot of fun. While I don’t have the source material familiarity that I had with LEGO Batman the humour ties more with the genres the toys and show were based on and the father-son stuff so I didn’t really have any points where I felt I was missing a reference. Even the jokes that were clear references to the franchise were easy to understand.


One of the many areas this is an improvement over the show is the voices. While yes they are celebrity voices most are actors I only have a limited familiarity with Jackie Chan and Michael Peña being the only ones whose names stood out in the later trailers and the ending credits, everyone else I had to check Wikipedia to know that I’d seen them in other movies.


If you liked The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie you’ll like this one too. And while I know they’re not going to make a LEGO Dimensions Story Pack since it has its own game (which I might pick up later this year) and there are rumours that year 3 of Dimensions is cancelled if we do get year 3 I’d love it if they made a Garmadon Fun Pack that also allowed us to replace the original Ninjago characters with the movie versions the way we can with Batman. If they did that I’d buy all the other Ninjago packs for the game.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Review

When this came out I intentionally chose not to see it in the cinema. From what I heard the film sounded boring and while I’m fine watching potentially bad movies with my Limitless membership I really didn’t want to be sitting in the cinema bored (which would end up happening anyway with Logan Lucky). I figured if I was going to watch this it would be when I could pause it and do something else if I got bored.

I made the right call. This film is boring is several ways including characters, lighting and the use of the more magical elements of the film. Seriously this film has titan sized elephants that are just used to carry human soldiers in one scene and a giant snake that shows up out of nowhere to kill a few henchmen and then it just leaves. Giant elephants and snakes should be really cool but they don’t do anything interesting with them.


There’s way too many discuss the plan while footage of the plan is going on scenes that are edited really poorly. On the subject of terrible editing (which this film has a lot of) during the opening name credits a location credit is shown in the exact same font and size as the names making it look like someone named Londinium worked on the movie. There’s also some really irritating whispering from the creatures who give Jude Law’s character his powers, whispering is annoying enough already but in video form they’re always whispering loud enough so you can understand them and it’s painful to listen to.

what are you doing here

And if people thought Ed Sheeran’s cameo in Game of Thrones was awkward that’s nothing compared to David Beckham showing up to give instructions on how to pick up a sword. This is the only film I’ve seen by Guy Ritchie and it’s a terrible first impression.

Batman vs. Two-Face – Review

Last year’s Return of the Caped Crusaders was a fun and refreshing change of pace for DC movies and when it came out they’d already confirmed they’d be releasing the sequel this year along with the fact it starred William Shatner as Two-Face. Sadly though this is also Adam West’s last film.

Once again the feel of the original show has been captured perfectly in all the same ways the first film did. Only this time they also needed to depict Two-Face in a way that would fit in with that world and I think they did a great job.


Shatner does a fantastic job playing both sides of Harvey Dent with his Two-Face voice being especially impressive. Between this and the My Little Pony episode The Perfect Pear he’s proven he’s got a much better voice range than his previous voice acting roles I’ve seen have given him a chance to use.


And of course Adam West’s last performance is as great as it was in the first movie. While I’m sure this wasn’t planned as the last film in this series (in fact I’m pretty sure that Harleen Quinzel cameo at the start meant they were probably going to have Harley be part of the third one) it still is a good film for the Caped Crusader to go out on.

Blade Runner 2049 – Review

It’d been so long since I first saw Blade Runner that I’d forgotten most of it and didn’t even know which of the various cuts it was I saw. So of course in preparation for this film I rewatched the DVD of the original (turns out it was the Final Cut, which is apparently the best version) to refresh my memory. It’s a decent film and you can see the influence it’s had on other media over the years.

This film is just as good in my opinion. I should make it clear I don’t like the original nearly as much as a lot of people but I still do like it and many of the things I like about that movie are present here. Most notably the visuals look great, they’re similar to the original but with enough differences that it really looks like a lot of time has passed.


I’m glad that we don’t see Deckard for most of the movie, we’re given enough time to get to know Ryan Gosling’s character and the story so when these two finally meet it feels like a bigger deal than it comes across in the trailers.


If you at least liked Blade Runner I think you’ll enjoy this film. The other reviews I’ve seen from people who enjoyed the original more than me have been positive and it is a film that looks great on the big screen.

Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna – Review

Looking back XY was one of the weaker points of the Pokémon anime. I mean when the series ended Ash only brought three new Pokémon back with him and they were all Flying types, say what you want about Best Wishes at least Ash kept all his Pokémon. But while the series was a disappointment I have enjoyed the movies.

I did like this but when the previous movie had a battle between several different legendary Pokémon from different generations this does feel like a bit of a downgrade. That’s not to say the battles in this movie aren’t cool, there’s a pretty neat one near the end where everyone battles against multiple Mega Evolutions, it’s just not as good as the last one.


Since Sun and Moon have been out for almost a year now with sequels on their way the novelty of Magearna has worn off but I did like the way they did its voice. Rather than saying its name or talking it makes robotic noises. Volcanion was alright but nothing new.


I’m glad I finally saw this but if I ever get around to making a top 10 Pokémon movies list this won’t be on it. On that note it turns out this year’s Pokémon movie I Choose You is getting a UK cinema release. On one hand I’m tempted to see it so I can actually see it this year and get a chance to see a Pokémon movie in the cinema for the first time since Mewtwo Strikes Back but on the other hand Ash’s current dub voice still annoys me.

Mindhorn – Review

I would have watched this back when this came out but unfortunately it wasn’t showing at my local Odeon (or the Vue for that matter) so I had to wait until now.

Honestly I think it’s better that way. Not because of the film’s quality as it is funny but it isn’t exactly a big screen experience. It’s a fun movie to watch at home in the evening and that’s fine.


While it’s not one of the funnier comedies I’ve seen this year it’s still got plenty of good jokes and I enjoyed it. Once again like most comedies I don’t have that much else to say about it, the main appeal of the film is the humour while the plot is pretty average.


I expect fans of The Mighty Boosh will probably enjoy this film, I still haven’t seen the TV series but I did listen to the radio show at one point.