Hyrule Warriors Wishlist


So how about that E3? Personally I found Nintendo’s line up to be the most exciting. One thing that stood out for me is the fact Hyrule Warriors is going to have a large cast of playable characters including Midna.


So because I like making wishlists here are some characters (and species) I’d love to see join this game.



Still one of my favourite characters in the Zelda series. Her Rito abilities would make her a unique character who could fly to places other characters would be unable to reach. Also I expect Zelda and Impa won’t be the only sages in this game.



We’ve seen Link has another outfit and considering Sheik continues to be in Smash Bros after only being in one Zelda game it would be cool for Princess Zelda to bring out the Sheik persona again.


A Zora

I’ve always liked the look of the Zora and I think a game like Hyrule Warriors should have characters to represent it’s most notable races. If I were to suggest a specific character…


Princess Ruto

Probably the most notable Zora character and her role as a sage in Ocarina of Time could make her a strong candidate. It would be interesting to see her looking more like the Zora in Twilight Princess, she’d probably look something like this and maybe her her figure look more like Queen Rutela.


A Goron

Another of the more recognizable races in Zelda. Rolling through armies is bound to be fun and I can see a Goron being a brawler type of character. And if I were to pick an existing Goron…



One of the sages in a Link Between Worlds. Deciding a Goron character was tricky but Rosso seems like he could suit the game’s style well.



I expect we’ll see someone from Skyward Sword and I think some friends of mine might have influenced this choice but I think Groose would be a fun character.


Skull Kid

I don’t know how but considering his popularity I wouldn’t be surprised to see Skull Kid.



A mentor for Link and a chance to see another Wind Waker character in a different art style.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I don’t expect much from this list but I really hope the game has a Zora and a Goron at the very least.