Alice Though the Looking Glass – Review

After seeing 6 new movies (well ok 2 of them were only new for me) last month I noticed I’d fallen behind this month. Fortunately I liked the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film so today after a fun day at a local convention I went to see the sequel.

First off is it as good as the first film? No but that’s not a bad thing. A sequel surpassing the original is a treat but shouldn’t be expected. The first film is a much bigger film that covers more of Underland itself while this film explores a smaller section but in different time periods.


This unfortunately means we see much less of the supporting cast. The late Alan Rickman returns as Absolem but if you’ve seen the trailers you’ve heard pretty much all of his dialogue. Likewise we don’t really get that much more dialogue from the Cheshire Cat either despite him appearing in more scenes. It mostly focuses on the human characters.


We also have a new character, Time. Sacha Baron Cohen is great at providing his characters with an entertaining voice and this time is no exception. I’ve heard people compare his Time voice to Werner Herzog and I can see that. He also has a robot butler that reminds me of Sergei from the Compare the Meerkat adverts.


Sadly this film is one of the last two to get figures in Disney Infinity (with Finding Dory being the last). I picked up the Alice figure yesterday and she’s fun to play as and actually has Mia Wasikowska doing her voice. Fighting against FN-2199 in front of the Mystery Shack using the Keyblade is the kind of fun only Disney Infinity provides. It’s really sad knowing that after this figure I only have seven figures before I have a complete set.


Speaking of Mia Wasikowska she does a great job returning as Alice. Despite the marketing centering around Depp as Hatter it’s Wasikowska’s Alice that is the real star (which is good because she is the title character).


In conclusion if you liked the first film you’ll probably like this one, just probably not as much. If you didn’t care for it and want more of a direct adaptation of the books you probably already know this isn’t for you. Personally I liked it and wouldn’t be surprised to see it in my top 10 at the end of the year.