Logan Lucky – Review

When I saw the trailer for this I figured I could just skip it. It looked boring and I already saw one boring heist movie, I didn’t need to watch another. But then just about every film critic I follow on YouTube started giving it positive reviews, some even saying things like “don’t miss this one” so I figured I might as well give it a chance.

I should have trusted my first impression, this movie is boring. I watched/rewatched those positive reviews that convinced me to watch it and I still don’t get it. People make a big deal out of Daniel Craig’s performance but it was just him doing the same voice everyone else in the movie was doing. At some points it sounds like they’re talking about a completely different movie.


I’d say you could probably skip this one but considering I appear to be in the minority here who knows maybe you might actually like it. I wouldn’t see it in the cinema though unless you’ve got Odeon Limitless or something similar.


Rough Night – Review

I’ve now seen 44 of this year’s movies which means I’ve caught up with the end of year total from last year. Like many comedies the reaction to this film from the critics I follow are mixed. Some think it’s funny, some hated it and others are fairly neutral.

It’s funny but I can see why people might not like it. It has a mix of hits and misses and it’s one of those movies where your opinion is going to be based on which had the bigger impact on you.


I think the main cast are all pretty good but without a doubt the stand out performance has to be Kate McKinnon who has become the main selling point for every comedy she’s in lately.


Unfortunately as a comedy it’s hard to say much more than that. If you found the trailers funny you’ll probably enjoy this and if you didn’t you were probably going to skip it anyway.

Death Note (2017) – Review

I remember years ago back when Death Note was so popular L was a more popular cosplay choice than Deadpool and Harley Quinn there were rumours of an American live action movie, most having something to do with Zac Efron because he had the same hairstyle as Light. Now we do have one at a point when people aren’t really talking about or watching/reading Death Note.

It’s average at best and not a good adaptation. I’m fine with reboots/remakes that make changes in order to bring something new to the property but here the changes take away the things that make Death Note worth adapting. Light Turner isn’t nearly as smart or tactical as Light Yagami and doesn’t bring anything new to the role.

Death Note

In fact the character of Mia has more in common with Light Yagami than Light Turner does making me wonder why the movie wasn’t about her instead, she’s got the right balance of similarities and differences to work as a Death Note reimagining lead. In fact they probably could have avoided all that whitewashing backlash if the protagonist wasn’t someone called Light.


The thing the movie did a great job with though was Ryuk. He was mostly kept in shadows or out of focus with Willem Dafoe giving a fantastic performance. Ryuk is the best part of this movie but he’s not in enough scenes to have enough of an effect on its overall quality.


Other than Ryuk the main thing I’ll give the film credit for is direction. Adam Wingard has directed a few horror movies and you can see that in the way this film is shot. In fact it’s his directing and Willem Dafoe’s performance that keep this at least a little bit entertaining.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Review

After seeing the first trailer I knew I had to see this movie and I’ve enjoyed all the trailers I’ve seen for it since then too.

It’s very funny, if you liked those trailers too I’m pretty sure you’ll like this movie. From what I’ve seen the less positive reviews tend to be from people who probably weren’t going to like the film to begin with.


Lets face it the main reason to watch this movie is to watch Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson swear at each other between and during a bunch of action movies and it delivers. These two are very funny and work so well as a duo that it’d work regardless of the setup.


Unfortunately there’s not much else I can really say about this movie. It tends to be a common problem with reviewing comedy movies. Probably won’t see another movie tonight, I’ll be too busy watching Defenders. On that note…

Napping Princess – Review

I’m making an effort to see one anime movie that isn’t tied to an existing franchise each year, especially after last year’s Your Name ended up as #1 on my top 10 list. This means a break from my usual Odeon trips as this one was only showing at the Vue.

It’s a pretty good movie. This is one of those movies where dream sequences are something to look forward to much like Paprika and Inception.

The visuals look fantastic and I loved the way the dream world is designed being a mix between fantasy and modern technology.

The dreams are interesting and I won’t spoil their connection to the real world but it all works together to tell a neat story. I’m watching a few new films this week and am seeing another one later tonight…

Free Fire – Review

I would have seen this one in the cinema but it didn’t end up showing for very long. Now I have seen it I find out that it’s earliest screenings were actually last year meaning by my own system it counts as a 2016 film.

It’s an entertaining film but after a while the setting gets tiresome and it starts to feel long. It’s an interesting setup for a movie but it does make it clear why these sorts of encounters usually only last for a scene in other movies and TV shows.


What makes the film work at all is the cast. There are some great performances in this movie that keep it entertaining. Brie Larson has more to work with here than she did in Kong: Skull Island and it’s always good to hear Sharlto Copley angrily swearing in a movie, though it makes me want a District 9 sequel even more.


If this is a premise that interests you go ahead an check it out. As for me I mostly watched it for the cast. I’ve seen 50 films from 2016 now, the funny thing is it won’t be that long before my 2017 film total catches up.

Batman and Harley Quinn – Review

I went to see a screening of this with a friend of mine who went dressed as Harley Quinn. It was thanks to her that I found out our local Odeon was doing a screening.

It’s a fun movie. It’s not without its flaws but as a comedy movie it is funny. This is clearly going to be a film that has a very mixed response, especially to scenes/moments that are more sexual. It’s possible that with time some problems with the film will stand out for me more than they would the day after I saw it (like with The Killing Joke) but for now I found it enjoyable.


One thing I already know has divided a lot of the audience reaction of this film is Harley herself. While she does have her classic look this is more of the modern comics Harley and if you’re not a fan of that Harley I can see why you wouldn’t like her in this. Personally I found it interesting seeing one of her co creators revisit this more recent version of the character. I also like Melissa Raunch’s voice for her, it’s different enough from Arleen Sorkin and Tara Strong’s voices while still sounding like Harley Quinn and I hope she gets to play her again.


This movie isn’t for everyone but for me this was a funny movie I saw with friends that sparked some fun discussion. Even if my opinion on the movie changes later in the year my opinion on the cinema experience won’t.¬†Also I’m up to 40 of this year’s movies now at two thirds of the way through the year doubling where I was at the end of April, and I’m not even done watching movies this month.