BEDA 2015: 27 – Pokémon I think should get Mega Evolutions


So Mega Evolutions are going to be a big part of the hype of the rest of the Pokémon games, especially this generation, so I figured it’s been a few days since my last wishlist and I want to talk Pokémon. Plus the only news based topics at the moment are Disney Descendants (why?) and Four Lights With Teddies 4 (never cared for that series) so Pokémon wishlist it is.


Kalos Starters

I’m expecting Kalos Pokémon to get Mega Evolutions in the next game as a way of making the region’s new Pokémon feel new again in a way previous generations couldn’t. At the top of the list of candidates are the starters. Art by zerudez.


Johto Starters

Sinnoh remakes are inevitable at some point so until then I’d say either Johto or Unova should get Mega Evolutions for its starters next. I went with Johto because HGSS has already happened so there won’t be any other chances for these three to be in the spotlight again. Art by Tomycase.



No fan interpretation this time. This generation has been heavily focused on Mega Evolution and since we know Zygarde is bound to be the star of the last game of this generation (be it Z or X2/Y2) and that usually implies it’ll get a new form I think Mega Zygarde is the way to go.



Honestly this should have been in ORAS. Out of all Pokémon I’d say early route Pokémon deserve Mega Evolutions the most. I really like Mightyena but after a while you’re going to swap it out for a better Dark type. Art by GlitchedBat.



Some of my favourite Mega Evolutions are callbacks to previous evolutions. Dragonite deserves to have a new form that makes it look more like Dragonair. Art by griffsnuff.

Mega Dugtrio


It’s time for Dugtrio to bring its body out of the ground and let us actually see those punch and kick moves it can learn. I imagine it looking something like Barbarcle and having an ability that lets it hit flying and levitating Pokémon with Ground type moves due to its increased height. Art by… me.



It could be Fire/Grass, a type combination I’ve been hoping we’d get for years. Art by Hyshirey.


Sawk & Throh

Preferably ones where they swap colours like this.



Because of the name. Mega Yanmega. And in Japan it would be Mega Megayanma. And one of the earlier suggestions on this list includes Mega Meganium.


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