WITCH – Review

This is going to be a bit different from my usual reviews as it’s not a movie but a live performance by three of my friends. Together they’re part of a group called Circle of Spears and this was my first time getting to see said group perform.


The show itself is based on the witch trials of Elizabethan times but actually focuses on the process that determines if a trial will take place or not. It gives an interesting look at the history and after the show ended we were also told about some of the real life cases that inspired it. The three actors each do a great job portraying these characters and while as their friend I’m obviously going to have some bias in this area I can tell that their friendship really helps them to play off each other really well not just in their performances but the with the show’s writing too.


I had a good time seeing this, it’s a small production but even without my bias as their friend I think the show itself is good and worth checking out if you have the time. You can check their website if you’re interested in checking it out, they have a list of upcoming performances of this show along with the option to purchase tickets. And for those of you hoping to see a movie review I should have another one of those coming soon.


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